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In a way, the New STAR WARS Makes Perfect Sense Given the Change in Ownership from George Lucas to Disney. Force reflects real power.

Richard Spencer in the video above complains about how the New STAR WARS doesn't respect or conform to the original vision created by George Lucas. And many others have lodged similar complaints. Across the political spectrum, many are not pleased with the new series and especially the new movie because it deviates from the original vision that they grew up with. Many adult audience members spent their formative yrs watching the original series, the first three released from 1977 to 1983 and the second trilogy from 1999 to 2005. So, they have a fixed idea of what STAR WARS universe and the Force are about. Therefore, when confronted with the revisions and narrative-thematic purging of the New Series, they are bewildered and even exasperated by Disney's lack of 'respect' for Lucas' original vision. (But do they ever ask why Lucas still deserves respect when he sold his baby to Disney for billions of shekels?)

Now, the complainers have a point. The new series may well indeed violate the core principles of Lucas' original vision. It may go against the spirit of the original incarnation under Lucas' command. But they are overlooking certain key facts about the Way of Power in culture. What goes for Power goes for the Force. The Force in STAR WARS is whatever those with the possession of copyright say it is. The Force was what it was as long as Lucas had control over it. But with Jews at Disney now owning STAR WARS, the Force is whatever THEY make it out to be. It's as Carl Schmitt said of the nature of law and power. No law exists outside the reality of power. Basic laws are vaguely worded, and it is the Power that decides the meaning and force of those words. So, when Jews gained control of US culture and jurisprudence, the Constitution came to mean Open Borders, Diversity, Anti-White Hatred, and 'Gay Marriage'. Americanism and Constitutionalism were always shaped and determined by the Power. After all, what is Free Speech? Jews once used to say Free Speech means all speech, from far right to far left, should be free.Back then, Jews feared censorship of Jewish radicalism and pornography(big profits for Jews) by traditional Christian power. But once Jews gained supreme power in the US, they came to fear Free Speech as criticism of Jewish Power. Therefore, Jews redefined Free Speech as excluding 'hate speech'. Since Jewish Power controls the meaning of 'hate speech', Zionist speech(that demeans Palestinians) is not 'hate speech', but BDS speech that calls for justice for Palestinians must be criminalized as 'hate'. The Power decides what is 'hate', and that means Jewish elites with supreme power in the US get to denounce and suppress certain speech as 'hateful'.

What goes for Reality goes for Fantasy. The rules of fantasy will always be controlled by those with power over the fantasy. So, it doesn't matter what Lucas did with the original STAR WARS. It doesn't matter how the Force was manifested in the first six movies. The fact is the power of the Force has gone over to Jews at Disney, and that means Jews will alter the Force to suit their agendas and biases. It's simple as that. So, when Richard Spencer and others talk of STAR WARS as a universe existing independent of copyright ownership and moneyed control, they are being naive. They are presuming that there really is a Core Canonical Principles of the STAR WARS and the dynamics of the Force. No, such was all make-believe and can easily be altered based on whomever is now in control.
Spencer has emphasized over and over how it's foolish to believe in Constitutionalism as a principle independent of power. He has castigated the so-called True Conservatives who claim to stand for abstract American Values of Liberty and Individualism. His point is that American Constitutionalism will always be determined by those with real power. The Constitution can be molded to mean just about anything. At one time, it even justified slavery and the ethnic cleansing of American Indians. And the 'internment' of the Japanese. And censorship of obscene material offensive to Christians. The Constitution allowed all such censorship and restrictions in the past because the White Christian Majority could will the Constitution to support and defend certain values and interests. But once Jews gained control of the Constitution, the US came to be all about ISRAEL FIRST, favoring Zionists over all other peoples(esp the Palestinians), Open Borders Immigration to turn whites into a minority, and etc. The Constitution now serves the interests of Jewish-Zionist-Supremacism. And since Jews have chosen Homomania as the proxy agent of Jewish Globlaism, the Worship of Homos and Trannies has become the new christianity or Queertianity. The Christian Church is like the Constitution. In the end, it will be what those in power say it's about. The Power decides and molds & twists the presumed core principles to its will.

If Spencer is so perceptive about the relation between Power and Laws, why is he so naive and earnest in his assessment of the new STAR WARS movie? He seems baffled as to why the new series violated and betrayed what STAR WARS is really supposed to be about. But his idea of 'real Star Wars' only applies to the franchise that was owned by Lucas. As long as Lucas had power over his baby, he could do as he pleased. But when he sold the Force to Disney, Jews had the power over the Force, and they could bend it to serve their own biases and agendas. It's like if you give your kid up for adoption, the adoptive parents can do whatever they want to with it. Jews can adopt a non-Jew and raise it as a Jew. And of course, the new STAR WARS reflects this reality. What are the agendas of Jewish globalists? It is white feminism. Jews use feminism or man-hate to drive a wedge between white men and white women. By thus setting white women against white men, white race is weakened, and it is easier for Jews to maintain control over white goyim. Jews also push race-mixing to destroy racial and ethnic identities. A people with confused identities are less likely to unite and rise up against the ruling elites. It is also a way to demoralize white males and destroy their pride. By especially promoting interracism between black males and white females, Jews send a message that black males are superior studs while white males are either dorky cucks or wussy homos. And the new STAR WARS is geared to turning its white heroine into a race-mixer. We see this all around in TV commercials, TV shows, and movies. Jews want to make the next James Bond black. Jews want to put the black male on the pedestal as the top alpha male who deserves to take white women. As for white males, they are either old farts who should die or dorky cucks who should delight in their own defeat and humiliation.

Jews also push for massive 'immigration' to increase Diversity. Why do Jews do this? Jewish elites fear a homogeneous population that might unite against Jewish power. So, Jews seek to increase Diversity and set various goyim against one another. That way, the goyim won't be able to unite as one people against Jewish elites. And of course, the new STAR WARS is all about Diversity, a weapon of Jews against native populations of any nation. Meanwhile, virtually all the villains are white, especially white males.

In the end, the Power decides the meaning of anything. This was true of how Christianity got started. It developed as a branch or heresy of Judaism. Jews denounced Christianity as a violation of the true meaning of God in the Torah and Jewish tradition. How dare these gentiles take something from Jews and change the meanings to make God serve gentiles than Jews? According to the original spirit of the Torah, God cannot be manifest in human form. And God's Covenant is with Jews, not with all of humanity. But Christianity had Jesus as Son of God, a human figure walking among mankind. And Christianity said the new covenant is with all of humanity. In the end, it didn't matter how much Jews protested. The fact is when the idea of God passed over to Christian and later Muslim gentiles, they changed or twisted the principles to serve their own interests and agendas. Jewish concept of God was limited only to spaces in which Jews had the power. In gentile spaces where Christians and Muslims had control over the idea of God, His meaning and design could be altered, even drastically, to serve interests inimical to Jews.

So, what happened to STAR WARS isn't much different from what happened to the concept of the Jewish God once its ownership passed over to gentiles. Via Christian conversion, many gentiles became believers in God, and this belief gave them ownership of the meaning of God. And in their self-interest, they altered and violated many principles so dear to Jews who had once held sole ownership of their God.
Likewise, STAR WARS owned by Lucas and beloved by so many people had canonical value only as long as its ownership remained with those who remained loyal to the original vision. But once the ownership changed hands, the New Masters were bound to make the franchise serve their own biases and interests.
This happens with every newspaper or magazine. It doesn't matter what its original masthead declaration of principles was. The new owners will bend the purpose to their own will. This is why The New Republic changed drastically when it was taken over by Neocons under the tutelage of Martin Peretz. And then, once ownership changed once more, it turned into just some homo-globalist hipster rag. Or consider Huffington Post. Despite its name, Ariana Huffington has nothing to do with the new incarnation, and it's changed considerably from what it had been under her control.

If Alt Right has gained ownership of STARS WARS franchise, they would have made it serve its vision and interests. Richard Spencer as producer-director of STAR WARS would have made the Empire the good guys, and of course, many fans would have screamed Bloody Murder in protest. It's like Stanley Kubrick did his OWN thing with THE SHINING to the never-ending ire of Stephen King who felt Kubrick betrayed his core concept and meaning. But as King had sold movie rights to Kubrick, he was helpless to stop it.
Indeed, if there is such a thing as Alt Right STAR WARS fanfiction, the narratives likely serve the biases of White Nationalism. But since Jews of Disney own STAR WARS, the franchise is now used to further the Jewish Supremacist agenda of globalism.

Same thing happened with dialectical communism. The original theory by Karl Marx prophesied that conditions would worsen to the point where the working class would rise up to overthrow the bourgeoisie. Since the Proletariat was essential to this revolution, only an industrialized nation with a majority prole population could undergo the great tranformation. But when Lenin and Stalin took control of the theory, it was altered so that even a backward semi-industrial nation like Russia could have a communist revolution. Spontaneous uprising by the working class was no longer necessary. A radical vanguard with the support of secret police apparatus could pull it off. Later, Mao altered the meaning of Marxism even more by arguing that a communist revolution could happen with a peasant army. So, despite the original canonical meaning of Marxist theory, in the real world of actual practice, Marxism could be molded to be anything by the powers-that-be. If Maoism said Marxism could prevail in an agricultural society, that was the official lore of the land.And later, when reformers took control of China, communism could mean market economics. So, even as the Chinese Communist Party maintained the symbolism of Mao, the Red Flag, and revolutionary pageantry, the New Way was about buying-and-selling, trade with capitalist powers, and getting rich. Indeed, consider how Che Guevara became linked with capitalist pop culture and hedonism even though he hated Rock music, hippies, and materialism.

So, if we apply Carl-Schmitt-ian analysis to the new STAR WARS, no one should be surprised that the new owners of the Force changed the meaning to suit their ethno-socio-economic purposes. No school of laws, no work of culture, and no set of principles exist in some pure form in a vacuum. They always exist in a world of people with competing interests and agendas. Indeed, even among Christians, different sects disagree on the meaning of Jesus. In many denominations today, homomaniacs have taken over and insist that the faith is about worshiping homos and trannies. And warmongering patriots believe that Christianity is about the flag and guns. So, expecting the STAR WARS universe to remain pristine or resist heretical ideas is wishful thinking. STAR WARS will be whatever those with ownership of it make it to be.
It's like the Hagia Sophia Mosque in Istanbul. It was originally built as a Christian Cathedral, but Muslims altered the meaning. At one time, Ottoman Turks even altered the Parthenon to serve as a place of prayer for Muslims. But then, Christians had done the same to Pagan Temples. While Christians destroyed some pagan temples, they altered some to serve Jesus than the pagan gods. If we see STAR WARS as a kind of pop mythology or fanboy church, its core meaning will change to the tune of whoever has control over it. Consider the evolution of the Parthenon depending on who held power over Athens.

Another complaint oft-heard from the detractors of the new series is that the nature of the Force has change considerably from the original series. They object to how the Force has become so easy with the young heroine. And Spencer wonders how someone with such humble background could have the Force. But, they are forgetting that George Lucas himself kept changing the nature of the Force. In PHANTOM MENACE, he altered the Force from some mysterious essence to something that can be medically detected in blood. And for those who have problems with the young heroine's humble background in the new series, the old series would have us believe that some slave woman could give a miracle virgin birth to some kid who, at the tender age of 7, can win a hyper-drive chariot race and man spaceships and blow up seasoned enemy pilots. So, if a 7 yr old squirt can do all that, is it really so strange to see a young heroine do 'badass' things?

Also, if a female slave non-entity(in PHANTOM MENACE) could give a miracle birth to some kid with the Force, why is it so surprising that the heroine in the new series could have super-Force despite being born to humble parents? Besides, if the 20th century taught us anything, it was that those from the humblest backgrounds could become giants of history: Stalin, Hitler, Mao, etc.

As for the heroine's ease with mastering the Force, we need to understand that pop culture reflects the times. When Lucas made STAR WARS, power was still institutionalized. One had to go through the proper institutions/channels or gain access to big industries to be somebody. To be an influential journalist, one had to gain position at CBS or New York Times. To be an influential thinker, one had to have a position at Harvard or be promoted by top publishing companies and the media. To be a famous cultural celebrity, one had to be hired by TV, Hollywood, radio, or music industry. Even though there were alternative venues and underground artists, it was a tough climb to gain any kind of success, at least immediately. And Lucas struggled in this world. For him to gain access to film technology, he had to work hard and long and make the climb. To gain the Force, one had to go through the institutions controlled by high priests.

But we now live in the internet age. Even a young person in a small town now has access to more news and information than New York Times did in the pre-internet age. When Lucas grew up, it was difficult to see foreign films. Only college towns and big cities showed them, and one had to wait long time to see certain movies. It was nearly impossible for anyone to see something when he wanted.
Today, even someone living in the boonies can watch all sorts of movies from all parts of the world on the internet. Even a kid has more access to World Cinema than top film scholars did prior to the internet age.
Also, even kids carry around smartphones that serve not only as phones but as internet screens, cameras, recording devices, and etc. It's like their light sabers.
Thus, the Force has gone from institutional to individual in our world. Before the internet, someone like PewDiePie and Stefan Molyneux didn't have a chance at celebrity-hood. Institutions would not have given them the platform to express their views or pull their antics. But internet has been the great equalizer. Anyone can reach the world from inside their bedrooms. Some of these 'amateurs' have more fans and viewership than mainstream media do.
So, the revision of the Force in the new series could very well reflect social change. Young people with interesting ideas, music, opinions, personalities, or shtick no longer have to make the Long March through the Institutions to say their say, gain a fanbase, develop a cult, and even become fabulously rich. Even demented Andrew Anglin has gained legendary anti-hero status because of the internet. Even with the attempts to shut down Daily Stormer, Anglin still has enough Troll Force to mess with the Narrative.

Alt Right should know this since its rise owes so much to the internet, the great equalizer that has made it possible for oddballs like Mark Dice and Styxhexenhammer666 to get huge followings. This is why Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Google-Search are working in tandem with ADL to rig the game and ban certain voices deemed 'hateful', but the nature of the internet favors individuals over institutions. It has democratized the Force, for good or for ill.

So, given all these changes and developments in society, is it any wonder that the nature of the Force has changed in the new series? Whereas Luke had to go through the institutions to gain his power, Rey doesn't. The Force has been digitalized and democratized.

Internet and gadgets like smartphones have empowered individuals in ways that were unforeseeable when Lucas conceived STAR WARS. Just consider how the rise of high-tech allowed young ones to become overnight moguls and billionaires. Prior to the internet, could someone like Mark Zuckerberg become so rich so fast?

Now, I'm not saying LAST JEDI is a good movie. I haven't seen it. I did see FORCE AWAKENS, and it was terrible. But, we should not be surprised that Force will change along with the change in ownership and will reflect social transformations all around us. In the end, most pop culture, even when set in the distant past or fantasy world, are more reflections of prevailing fashions and trends of the moment than works of purity remaining faithful to a set of core principles inside a bubble.

Internet made even this young woman a celebrity and a known factor in culture:

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Pathetic Reappearance of Luke Skywalker in THE LAST JEDI Could Be a Sad Commentary on What Became of George Lucas

George Lucas was one of the Movie Brats greatly influenced by Westerns, esp John Ford’s THE SEARCHERS.

Of course, his big success was STAR WARS, and it is in the news again. The latest installment LAST JEDI has been lambasted in many quarters. Not just the Alt Right but from the fanbase.

Mark Hamill himself wasn’t happy about what was made of Luke Skywalker. I haven’t seen it and don’t want to, but maybe the latest installment is really a commentary on George Lucas’ betrayal of his own destiny.

Not for nothing was the hero named Luke Skywalker. Luke was the alter ego of Lucas.

Like Luke, George Lucas was divided between his destiny as an artist and the temptation of business and money. He began as an experimental film-maker, and Coppola prized him as his favorite protege. His first feature film was THX 1138, one of the boldest sci-fi films ever. And he continued in the personal vein with AMERICAN GRAFFITI. And even the first STAR WARS was quite an imaginative leap and derring-do as science fantasy spectacle. With the success of STAR WARS and INDIANA JONES, Lucas had the money to make more personal films. He could fulfill the destiny of his hopes and dreams in the heady days of New American Cinema of the 1970s. After all, the original plan had been for Lucas to direct APOCALYPSE NOW with John Milius.

Lucas was supposed to succeed in business ONLY TO accumulate the necessary funds to serve his true calling as a great American auteur of personal film-making. He would be the new Welles-Kurosawa-Kubrick-New-Wave. He would go even further than Coppola, his Obi-Wan.
One day, with enough money, he would do what he was meant to do and become a great auteur.

Alas, he just went for the Empire of Greed. He just stuck to STAR WARS franchise and made them ever more infantile to rake in the bucks from young ones. He squandered adventure for advertisement.
I mean, after all those blockbusters, did he not have enough money to FINALLY fulfill his destiny as a great personal film-maker? So, what did he do with his power and means?
He sold STAR WARS to Disney for billions and trashed his Destiny for good. He financed junk like RED TAILS.

So, maybe the broken-down and apathetic Luke Skywalker in LAST JEDI is supposed to be a commentary on George Lucas. Lucas’ myth as a personal artist who took on Hollywood and did his own thing proved to be empty and hollow. He just became a greedy mogul who turned Force into Formula, and when he got through with the whole thing, he just sold it to Disney. It was like the pigs in ANIMAL FARM deciding finally to turn the Horse into Glue.
He threw away his baby just like Luke Skywalker tosses away the light saber and burns the sacred texts in the new movie. When Lucas gave up his vision(however already compromised) to Disney, he might as well have burned the myth. It's like a politician who'd gained a reputation of being a maverick just selling his prestige to the Neocons. And when Yoda tells Luke to go ahead and burn the text, it’s as if even Yoda lost faith in the myth. Why not burn it when Lucas sold his lifework to Disney for more money than he could possibly spend? When the creator no longer believes in his creation, the creation no longer believes in itself and the creator. With STAR WARS having been sold to Disney, Yoda is right to advise Luke-Lucas to just burn the whole thing.

So, Lucas’ selling his mythology to Disney was like Luke in LAST JEDI burning the Jedi Canon and destroying the remnants of the Jedi order. He is conceding futility and failure as a true believer in art and mythos. And it is fitting that another empire is menacing the galaxy in the new series. It's the way of power.
Ultimately, the empire will always win. And this ‘empire’ is useful as a metaphor of universal and eternal lust for power. The ‘empire’ is not some great Other Evil. It is the powerlust within oneself, even among the 'good guys' who just become the New Boss to replace the Old Boss. The logic of power continues regardless of which side wins.
So, even though the Rebels won in RETURN OF THE JEDI, the victory only led to the rise of a new power that birthed a new empire. So, even if the Resistance wins, it will lead to yet another empire. It’s like the US won WWII and defeated Nazi empire and Japanese empire. And the US even defeated the Soviet Empire. But the US became another empire with insatiable power lust. And the boomers who opposed Nixon and war just grew up to take power and run the empire themselves. So, even if the empire is defeated, the winners just create a new empire. Consider how Jews, who were victimized by WWII, became the ‘new nazis’ of globalism fomenting wars and crushing Palestinians.

Once upon a time, long long ago, Lucas was one of the young turks of Hollywood. They were the rebels and upstarts. They challenged the Studio and the old way of doing things. But as they gained success and power, they became the New Empire, indeed bigger and brasher than any empire before. And if they’d begun with energy and idealism, they eventually grew cynical & corrupt and came to favor money and power as the only metrics that mattered.

So, the fact that Luke Skywalker is presented as a has-been phony who no faith left in Jedi mythology in the new movie reflects what happened to George Lucas. Lucas became a tired cynical man who just milked his mythology for shekels and then sold it to the Jews for more shekels. His talk of realizing his true destiny as a personal filmmaker just became self-serving nonsense. He became the empire that settled for 'been there, done that' formula peppered with better special effects but worse inspiration. He betrayed all the Jedi principles of 70s cinema. He gave up on daring auteurism and became a comfy mogul. He went over to the dark side while pretending to be on the side of light.

George Lucas grew stale, cynical, and bored.
And Luke Skywalker in the latest movie, as if to channel the corrupted and faded Lucas, is presented as a tired soul who no longer believes in anything. His cynicism has arrived at only one conclusion. No matter who wins, good guys or bad guys, the empire will always win since the new boss will eventually become like the old boss. It's only a matter of time. Power has its own logic. Eventually, it purges naive and utopian ideals and becomes a naked power-grab. The new empire is just an outgrowth of the Rebellion that became the Republic that became the Empire.

And the fact that Luke beams himself as a hologram? It goes to show that Lucas has become a phony myth. The real Lucas is a greedy cynical old man who believes in nothing. The Lucas myth is a hologram beamed to the world. Lucas has become a hype than hero.
Being a faded and corrupted soul in reality, the only trick left is the manipulation of his 'virtual image' in the electronic media. Because Lucas' legend is now so undeserving, it requires ever more strain to keep it going... until of course, it collapses from sheer exhaustion... like Luke in the new movie who dies from the strain of projecting his ego onto another world.
The fact is Lucas failed even to fully realize his STAR WARS universe. And worse, he even sold his baby to Disney to make billions when he already had billions. He gave up and just turned it into vehicle for merchandising and special effects.

So, it’s fitting that the Luke in the latest movie is as tired and cynical as Jabba the Hutt.

This is actually a fitting commentary on what has become of boomers, counter-culture, Lucas, and the dream of New American Cinema of the 70s that was supposed to be about the rise of the auteurs. But the auteurs just became the tired and cynical moguls of a new empire more soulless than previous ones.

The original STAR WARS just became sure profits and greed. Those who bitch about how Disney ruined are being somewhat disingenuous. Lucas had already given up on the vision and just pursued it as a business venture. A part of Lucas always felt a certain shame since he betrayed his destiny of following the footsteps of Ford, Kurosawa, and Coppola. So, after awhile, he didn’t even try to hide the fact that STAR WARS became STAR WALMART to keep him relevant in box office competition. What else was he to do when he'd given up on his personal projects, whatever they may have been.

So, even prior to the sales to Disney, STAR WARS had essentially become franchising. Disney paid big bucks for one reason only. MORE MONEY. It was driven only by greed. But lest Disney be accused of shameless Greed, its globo-corporate capitalists wrapped the franchise with ‘progressive’ tropes of Girl Power, Diversity, Jungle Fever, Purple-Haired Lesbian Narcissism, and etc.
Of course, this supposed Space Socialism cost $200 million for one reason and one reason only. To rake in billions of bucks from around the world. For noble & idealistic young souls to watch this ‘progressive’ manifesto of ‘resistance’, they gotta fork out $20, big bucks for kids without jobs these days. Some socialism. To see Space Socialism, get in line folks, and hand over your hard-earned cash to see Social Justice long long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

Just like Wall Street wraps itself in ‘progressive’ homo colors to evade proper scrutiny, Disney squeezes the cash cow of STAR WARS for milky way galaxy amount of dough, and it easily suckers ‘progressive’ critics with the pretense of spreading a message of Hope against Literally Hitler Trump. Corporate Disney, a force of ‘progress’. LOL. What a clown world we live in.

Also, the media are owned by Jews, and they are kinder to STAR WARS since The Tribe at Disney now own it. It now belongs to the Jawas.

Jews in the media were hostile to Old STAR WARS because it was owned by gentile Lucas who admired the aesthetics of Leni Riefenstahl. But now that it is firmly in Jewish hands, Jewish media and critics praise it to the sky. Jews now own Space Nazism and can remold into into Safe Space Fantasy to rake in billions from around the world.

No wonder cynicism keeps growing.

Ultimately, blame George Lucas. He created his own vision, and good or bad, it was his baby. He had control over it and was indelibly associated with it. Lucas = Luke. It was like a fantasy autobiography, about being torn between fulfilling his destiny as a true artist and the temptation to just go for the money.

In a big way, Lucas betrayed himself and just went for the money. Still, he remained true to himself at least in the sense that he maintained absolute control over his biggest success, STAR WARS, as personal property. And his Industrial Light and Magic did revolutionize cinema that is the most technological of the arts.
So, even though failed to become a Kubrick or Kurosawa(not even a Coppola), he made his own movies in his way and owned all the rights; he had personal control over his empire. He remained independent of Hollywood even as he made movies for the mainstream.

But he totally betrayed himself by selling STAR WARS to Disney, an unscrupulous whore factory. He was as foolish and deluded as the Lord in Kuroswa’s RAN who believes his domain and his prestige shall remain intact even after relinquishing power to his shady sons. He soon realizes that his sons, the first and second, are sharks who will even betray their father to further their own naked ambitions.

Lucas was surely assured by Disney that his original vision won't be tarnished or compromised: The new sequels would carry on with the original thrust of the story and the meaning of the Force.
But once Disney got a hold of the material, it showed its true colors. Disney trampled all over the original vision and made it into a total freakshow closer in look to STAR TREK. Disney went for STAR WEIMARS.
Thus, Lucas gained the world but lost his soul. It’s all the more ludicrous because he already had more money than he could possibly spend. If he were strapped for cash, it would have been understandable. He just got so addicted to money as the only sign of success because he failed as an artist. He became not so much Darth as Jabba. Darth, evil as he may be, still have some vision of the world. Jabba has nothing but appetite.

Lucas is a rich man in business but a poor man in art. He has no integrity left. He has no respect from any quarter. He’s a total joke, like the lord in RAN after ceding authority.
The old man Luke in the new movie seems as lost and disoriented as the fallen Lord in RAN.

It is so fitting that Luke makes himself into a hologram in LAST JEDI because that’s what Lucas is in the New STAR WARS. With the original hexalogy, Lucas’s spirit was all over the movies. He made them with his own mind, heart, and hands. His body and soul were directly connected to those works.

But, Lucas’s presence in the new series is totally an illusion. He sold the rights, and Disney can do whatever it wants to. And Lucas’ presence is merely ‘virtual’, a projection. It maintains the mirage of life of something that is dead.
Just like Disney is no longer what it used to be — a gentile oasis in an industry dominated by Jewish moguls — and only exists as a brand controlled by Jews who have no respect for its founder, the STAR WARS franchise is now associated with Lucas in name only. Lucas is used a hologram in the new series, like the fake CGI Leia in the end of ending of ROGUE ONE.

Just like Clu takes over from the real Flynn in TRON LEGACY, hologram faux-Lucas has replaced the real Lucas in the new STAR WARS. Without ownership of the franchise, Lucas’ power over the material is purely illusory. It’s like the fallen lord in RAN is weaker than the jester. And in LAST JEDI, the old Luke is pushed around by some silly girl.
It’s either the director sadistically rubbing it in or lamenting Lucas' betrayal of personal vision by selling and ceding the rights to Disney. In that sense, the new movie could be as subversive as Paul Verhoeven’s sci-fi epics. It may be straight on the outside but mocking on the inside. The director could be sending telepathic messages to Lucas, "You dummy, how could you have done this to yourself?"

George Lucas had the Force as long as he held onto the rights of the original. But once he sold the rights and gave up authority, his Force was gone. It was now owned by others, and his role in the New STAR WARS was purely titular and ceremonial. It’s the Farce.

Worse, the new series proved to be regicidal because Disney did to Lucas’ vision what the Bolsheviks did to the Tsar and his family.

Lucas helped Kurosawa realize the project of KAGEMUSHA where the original lord is replaced by a shadow. Lucas made himself into a shadow in the New STAR WARS.

HAIL CAESAR(by the Coen Brothers) and MOTHER(by Darren Aronofsky) itter-exchange/#comment-218947 4 The world spins around the axis of Jewish neurosis. And it’s not just ...