Saturday, March 17, 2018

HAIL CAESAR(by the Coen Brothers) and MOTHER(by Darren Aronofsky)

The world spins around the axis of Jewish neurosis. And it’s not just about power. We all know the rich and powerful have more pull. But most rich people are just happy with their toys and good times. Look at Russian oligarchs, at least the goy ones. They are content with their ‘bling’.
But Jews are not only big on money but on ideas and ego, the vision thing. And this causes problems.

Matthew Yglesias is one of the less interesting Jews, but he too is wound up with all this neurosis. People with the same neurosis rule the world, and the whole world revolve around it.

Because pundits and partisans must play the game, we get the same-old-same-old from them. So, Jewish artists are more interesting than Jewish pundits. Artists must at least try to empathize, delve into the issues and problems. Pundits just hit the ball to the other side of the court. They don’t really ponder the origins or the nature of the game.

When did the world begin to revolve around the Jewish Neurosis? Coens offered an explanation in HAIL CAESAR. They lay out the creation, consecration, and the continuation of the Template. It began with the clash of Romans and Jews. Romans were great warriors and conquerors. They wanted to physically dominate the world. They expanded in all directions: north, east, south, west. And for awhile, they were unstoppable. They were supreme engineers, managers, and fighters. But they lacked the prophetic vision. They weren’t even very serious about their own gods and cults which turned into empty rituals and superstition. Romans militarily conquered others but didn’t try to conquer them spiritually. They tolerated the cultures and beliefs of other nations. They were about military power, taxation, and managerial control.

In contrast, Jews hadn’t the means to conquer much militarily. They had enough trouble keeping the little territory around Jerusalem. But they sought to spiritually conquer the entire universe. They conceived of their God as the only God, and all other gods were either wiped out or their existence was denied. In their cosmology, Jews conquered all the universe and believe there was one God, their God, and God had a special covenant with them. Jews had the prophetic vision that went beyond the here-and-now.

Jews clashed with Romans. Romans easily conquered the Jews like other peoples. Militarily, Jews were no match for the Romans, the master military empire builders and a managerial class. But the Jewish spiritual vision was greater than that of the Romans.

Both sides had advantages and disadvantages. As Romans lacked the Prophetic vision, their power rested on military domination and the big stick. Like Alexander the Great and the Mongols, Roman power lasted only as long as Romans held the bigger stick. But minus the stick, they were finished.

In contrast, Jews had the great vision of faith in God, the ruler of all things. This concept could not be defeated by any sword or hammer. But a people cannot gain power by vision, faith, and imagination alone. So, in the short run, Jews got beaten badly by Romans. Also, even as the Jewish vision helped Jews to survive as a people against all odds, the Covenant prevented it from being used as a weapon to convert and conquer other souls.

So, how did the Jewish vision come to conquer the Romans who conquered the Jewish land? A heresy developed with the arrival of Jesus and His messengers. To this day, Jesus is both the Jew that Jews are most proud of and the Jew they most loathe. Jesus came up with a vision that could conquer countless gentile souls, even those who were oppressing the Jews. But by passing the faith to the gentiles, Jesus was the ultimate traitor. Thus, the Jesus Neurosis.

The combination of Roman military-managerial might and (heretical)Jewish prophecy led to the creation of the Template that came to rule the world and continues to this day. This was the ultimate formula for power in human history.
Prior to its emergence, there had been great empires, but they all rose and fell and never recovered. Some even faded and disappeared. But the idea of the Holy Roman empire came to define just about all great Western powers, and their power just kept growing bigger and bigger over the centuries.
France, Spain, Britain, Germany, Russia, the US were all variations or continuations of the Holy Roman Template.
Why has it been so resilient, so powerful, so long-lasting in glory?

Because an empire without holy vision eventually grows decadent and tired of itself. Pagan Romans lacked strong faith in anything. They were about power and glory. But a people need something more powerful than mere might. This is especially true in an empire. Lots of people can be kept in peace with sticks and carrots, but when the sticks/carrots run out, they are restless again. In contrast, a people of united profound faith share and feel something in common with vast swaths of humanity within the empire.
Pagan Romans, like other pagan empires, were bound to go through their cycle of rise and fall because they lacked a powerful faith that held all the people together.

In contrast to Romans, Jews came up with a great deep faith and vision. But no matter how much Jews worshiped God as the greatest force in the universe, a people without sufficient numbers and arms aren’t going to rule the world. So, even as Jews had the formula to survive forever with faith and vision, they could never get anywhere in terms of real power.

But then, the two modes clashed and then, through Jesus and Paul and later Constantine, formed into the Iron Template. It combined Worldly Imperial Ambition with Cosmic Hegemonic Vision. The will to conquer the material world and the will to conquer the spiritual world came together and forged into a power like the world had never seen before. And even though the Western Roman empire fell to the barbarians, the Prophetic Vision of the Holy Roman template would culturally and spiritually conquer the barbarians in time, and they would carry on with the Template and eventually come to conquer the world in terms of both sticks and souls.

HAIL CAESAR features the Cold War as the clash between two version of the Holy Roman Template.
Soviet Union is a neo-Holy-Roman empire. Its founders are prophetic Jews like Marx. And there are more prophets like Marcuse. Soviet Union was founded on the prophetic vision of Jews. But lacking the numbers, Jews couldn’t do it alone. They supplied the vision but the might of Soviet factories and armies depended on gentile managers and soldiers.
The US is the other version of the Holy Roman Template. One might say the US is more about Jewish profits than prophets, but Hollywood, though a capitalist enterprise for profits, also became a kind of pop-prophetic factory that manufactures and markets New Myths for the entire world. Also, money has a quasi-spiritual power. Unlike houses, cars, clothes, and swimming pools, money is mercurial and move around the world at light speed. To control money is to have the power of god in America. And the unseen godlike figure in HAIL CAESAR is the Jewish mogul behind the gentile executive who manages day to day things. This gentile Catholic has great respect for the Jewish mogul. When tempted to work for the Military Industrial Complex, he finally decides to stick with Hollywood.
Just like the Roman soldier(Clooney) is humbled before Jesus in the movie being made, there is something about the great Jewish mogul that Josh Brolin’s character is bound to. Gentiles may have the ‘game’ and the moves but it’s like Jews got the Depth or the Aura. It’s like all those people who were awed in the presence of Ayn Rand.

HAIL CAESAR is like a movie adaptation of Yuri Slezkine’s THE JEWISH CENTURY.
Of course, ‘hail’ reminds of us something that happened in the 40s. Heil Hitler. There is no mention of Hitler or Nazis in the movie, but there’s a sense of the fear of the gentile with a prophetic vision of his own. Hitler, evil as he was, had a prophetic vision, and this was what was so frightening about him. He was not just about bluster, like Mussolini. Or content with mere order and tradition, as Franco was. He had the will to expand and manage a powerful empire(like the Romans did) on the basis of a grand vision of the world. Not just a Reich but a 1000 yr Reich. This is why John Lukacs called Hitler “a great exception, rising from near-nothing, the sole maker of the Second World War, a planetary genius who had no precedent in German history”.

Hitler was truly evil, but he had something the Jews had. The power of prophecy. Indeed, among Europeans, Germans had it for some reason. In music, they gave the world Beethoven and Wagner, the greatest musical prophets of all time. And in philosophy, Germany gave the world Nietzsche. And even the most prophetic Jews of the 19th and 2oth century were Germanic Jews: Freud, Marx, Kafka, the whole Frankfurt School.

Anglos were a great people, but their way was about self-control and restraint, like men in DUNKIRK. They don’t step in front of the line. It’s about form and order. Germans had form and order too but their souls developed this audacity to be prophetic. Power of prophecy goes beyond reason and logic. Why did so well-educated and cultured Germans like Albert Speer fall under the spell of Hitler, in many ways a loathsome character. Hitler had the prophetic power. Some have it through grand intellectual vision, like Marx and Freud. Some have it through charisma and audacity…. which is why many whites are now under the black spell of MLK as black moses-jesus and rappers as pop-prophetics.

Anglos were great, but their culture stressed order, duty, and place. Thus, Anglos needed some other people to supply the Prophecy, and this is where Jews found their mark. Jews had greater will and vision than the Anglos. Even in rough and rowdy America of the West, the cowboy and gunslinger needed to serve something bigger than themselves. Guns are loud but don’t make sense unless the Law and Destiny are offered by Other people. In the Current Year, the greatest American prophet, even greater than MLK, is Emma Lazarus. Dream is now less about ‘I have a dream’ than illegl ‘dreamers’.

Anyway Heil Hitler was truly frightening because the Nazis changed the rules of the Holy Roman Template. Even as Christians were oppressive toward Jews over the years, there was a certain moral restraint within Christianity that called for guilt, confession, atonement, redemption. And so, there was some degree of safe space for the Jews.

Such brakes were gone from the Nietzschean neo-pagan prophecy of Hitler. But this was a paganism with a difference. It wasn’t just about military might or great leaders. Romans had great emperors, but none were prophets, the great seers of the future. There was no one like Muhammad. Also, when Romans came under Christianity, there was no more need for prophets since the Messiah had come and blessed mankind. There was the promise of further prophecy in the Second Coming, but that was about Jesus too, and He would decide when and where.

In contrast, German Romanticism that exploded with Beethoven & Wagner and German philosophy(which, unlike cautious empiricism of Anglo-philosophy) that thought in grand terms from Hegel to Schopenhauer to Nietzsche(to Heidegger) unleashed a pagan propheticism that was so unlike the Judeo-Christo kind. Jews long believed that, whatever advantages pagans had as warriors and leaders, the latter didn’t have the prophetic power of Jews. There was Muhammad to be sure, but he too appropriated the Judeo-Christo tradition; besides he was a fellow Semite. But the Germans, energized by a radical re-reading of Classical Greek civilization and fired up by nationalism of roots and Kultur(going back to Germanic mythology), gained prophetic power in the late 19th century. Unlike French nationalism that was based on Reason and Enlightenment principles of ‘civilization’, the Germanic nationalism rooted itself in dark ancient roots even as they moved into modernity. Just like Jews were modern but rooted in the deep past, Germanic consciousness became likewise. Modern and futuristic but also rooted in dark ancient past of their own blood-and-soil consciousness.

But there was bound to be a problem with blood-and-soil consciousness and propheticism. Blood-and-soil consciousness is content with one’s own land. But propheticism is ambitious and aggressive. It seeks to conquer the future. We have this problem with Israel. Zionism is both blood-and-soil(limited in ambition) and prophetic, with a grand vision of how Jews should dominate all the Near East and even beyond. So, it isn’t content to co-exist with rival neighbors. They must be destroyed or made subservient. But unlike universalism(of Christianity, Islam, Enlightenment, communism, etc), Jews don’t want to convert others into Jews and fellow brethren bound by creed. They want to keep a wall between Jews and non-Jews. Jews are unwilling to go the Jesus-Paul route that dissolved the wall between Jews and Christians on the basis that Jews should welcome gentiles as fellow brethren and gentiles should accept Jesus and God. Jews want great power around the world but stringently guard their particularism. This is a serious contradiction.

And this was also the problem of Germanic Prophetism. It was so strongly blood-and-soil yet so ambitious in gaining control over others. It’s like Carl Jung was both a blood-and-soiler and world-consciousness visionary. It turned into the most dangerous and diabolical form in Nazism. It was founded on idea of Aryans as the Chosen people of destiny. So, should Aryans liberate the world and bring justice and light to the world? No, as the master race, they would rule the world with fellow ‘Aryans’, the Anglos if the Anglos were so willing.

The future of the Jewish power really hung in the balance of what the Anglos would decide to do. If the British Empire and Anglo-dominant US had decided to throw their lot in with their closest racial brethren, the Germans, it would have been game over. The combined might of US, UK, and Germany could have defeated and dominated the world, even the USSR. And this is why the idea of America First is so terrifying to Jews. Even though Nazism is no more, and there are no more Hitlers, Jews are still stuck in WWII mindset. So, the idea of white Americans and white Russians being friendly is like Anglos and Nazis getting together in the paranoid Jewish imagination.

Now, if Jews were a humble people just seeking survival and security, their fears would be more understandable. But as it turns out, they are the other great and indeed the greatest prophetic force in history. China had Confucius but he was a sage and teacher. Sages have value but they are not aggressive and visionary. Lao Tzu was a mystic. He may have found wisdom, but it was recessive and passive stuff about yin/yang. China had first emperor Chin, but his power was all about political and military power. It rested on fear and terror. Once the fear factor was gone, it crumbled overnight.
In contrast, consider the prophetic power of Islam. Once Muslim invaders spread Islam, the power of Islam remains even after the conquers recede or fall. Mughals faded long ago, but Pakistan and huge part of India are still Muslim.

If Jews were humble, they would have been grateful for the end of WWII, defeat of evil Nazism, and restoration of order. But because of their prophetic energies, they simply cannot leave the world alone and feel this incessant need to reorder all of society to suit their vision. But the bigger problem is the rise of Zionism. Prior to creation of Israel, Jews had to subsume their prophetic energies into universal movements like communism and liberalism. Even if one argues that Jews were using those ideologies for their own ethnic interests, they had to serve something bigger than their own identity. But with the rise of Zionism, we have a strange problem that is somewhat similar to Nazi madness. Nazis were both intensely particularist and radically ambitious in their global design. And we have something similar now with Jews whose global power keeps growing exponentially but try to steer all the world energies into serving Israel and Jews as Holy Holocaust people. The contradictions and frictions are too maddening, and the Middle East since the Gulf War has been heating up with all sorts of dangers.

Anyway, Jews surely know that they are now the only people with prophetic power. Germans are so defeated after WWII. Putin is an ‘emperor’ type. Cautious and pragmatic. Russia has Dugin, but in the end, he’s more strategist than prophet. In contrast, Soros is an evil prophet, the master of chaos. Who knows what his ultimate vision is.

Anglos and Anglo-Americans rarely, if ever, had prophetic power. Among the Brits, a man trying to tower over other men would have been seen as bad form… like cutting the line in DUNKIRK. Or, he would have been mocked with wit and sarcasm, an art that reached its peak among the Brits. There was Shakespeare but there was too much irony and themes of doubt for his works to be prophetic. Hamlet can barely make up his mind. Macbeth is fearful of his own heart, and when he finally embarks on his ambition, he is doomed.

The prophetic mode(in a sordid form) entered the Brits only with the fall of social order and rise of black-influenced music. The Anglo fixation with blackness may have something to do with this. Black jungle music and energy had the power to finally break down the inhibitions that kept the Brits orderly, neat, and tidy: repressed and hard & boring.

Traditionally, Anglos and Anglo-Americans were content with Protestant Christianity with its grace, modesty,and piety. It’s like the guy in CHARIOTS OF FIRE is happy to serve God. King and country too, but God first. He would rather be a good Christian than win the gold in the Olympics. His sense of duty pushes ego and ambition to the backseat.

And so, the rise of Germanic prophetism was bound to make the Anglos nervous. Not just because German industry and military might pose a threat to the Brits. It was the nature of the German Soul. If Germans had been more like the Brits and saying stuff like heighty-ho and acting like good chaps, Brits might have been less nervous. But these were the people of Wagner and Nietzsche, coming up with big passionate music and grandiose ideas. They just felt ‘wrong’ to the Brits.

And yet, people secretly long for what they don’t have. A people, even rich and successful one, seek meaning in the deliverer, the savior, the prophet. It’s hardly surprising that some of the first key converts to Christianity were rich Roman women. They had it all materially, but something was missing in their lives. And this Jesus myth touched a part of them.
The prophet has the stronger vision and the stronger will/personality. We see this even on the trashiest or the most crassly materialistic level. Why did so many losers sit around Howard Stern as their leader? Howard has super-chutzpah. Through his brashness and pushiness, they also felt empowered as his acolytes. And why did all those geeks gravitate around Steve Jobs. Jobs was smart but not that smart, and he didn’t know much about computers. But he had the will, stronger personality, and big ego. Granted, most people with big egos and strong personality are not prophets. Trump is a big personality who does things bigly, but he’s not much of an idea man. He uses other people’s ideas to his own advantage. If anyone around him has anything like a vision, it is Stephen Miller who wants to reverse the myth of Emma Lizardess.

Anyway, Anglos and gentiles have long craved the prophet because such was denied them for so long. They had Jesus as the Messiah, but that tradition grew ever weaker in the 20th century. Christianity has run its course in Europe. It’s over. And American Christianity, though bigger, is pretty dumb or totally cucked out among Mainliners. Most Americans are into idols and icons. Celebrities and stars. But such people cannot be prophets because they are vapid and faddish. Big today, gone tomorrow, replaced by new idols. There are some exceptions, like Dylan and Kubrick, but they weren’t mere stars or celebs but genuine artists.

Idols are here today, gone tomorrow. So, people do long for prophets, especially as Jesus no longer speaks for many people. For many, MLK is the great prophet, the real founding father. But in a way, he’s more icon than prophet. He was a made-up figure. He didn’t have much brains or vision. He was a hype orchestrated by Jewish controllers and communists. He could give a rousing speech and act the role of saint-seer, but it was an act. He was not a Marx, not even a Gandhi, a savvy and insightful character. Same goes for Mandela. Icon than Prophet. Che Guevara too.

Because Jews got the brainy thing, they have the prophetic vision. They have the means to take their ideas and thoughts and conceptualize them into a Grand Vision. So, gentiles tend to gravitate to Jews for the answer. It can be comical at times, like when fat boy Chris Christie spoke of Shimon Perez like some figure out of the Bible. It’s all the funnier because he shared these sentiments in Las Vegas of all places, but then, it was Hollywood Tinsel Town that made all those Biblical Epics and Jesus movies in the 1950s. And then, there’s the weird attraction that John McCain feels toward Joe Lieberman. McCain the warrior is so grateful to be a friend of Joe, the holy wise Jew. It can’t just be about money. There are plenty of American lobbyists who take money from Chinese and Saudis and do their bidding, but they don’t go all gaga over them like so many people go gaga over Jews.

I can see why HAIL CAESAR didn’t do so well at the box office. People like big characters. But HAIL CAESAR is about archetypes and systems. It’s the closest thing to Kubrick that the Coens attempted. It has big ideas and concepts. It’s about the social and ethnic archetypes that came to control much of the world in the 20th century. There’s the Anglos who are so capable with order, duty, management, and leadership. There are the Jews who are masters of money(the ‘spirit’ power of the economy) and Big Ideas. Soviet Communism had Jewish intellectual roots. And even though Anglo-Saxons founded America, the narrative that stressed moderation and pragmatism got replaced by Jewish propheticism of Emma Lazarus and Ayn Rand that were far more radical and ambitious. It was Americanism loaded with quaaludes. Not just land of the free but land of the free for EVERYONE. Not just individualism but individualism as egomania as the center of everything. Lazarusism and Randism have led to a mega-contradiction. On the one hand, the US is supposed to care about EVERYONE around the world, BUT everyone in America is supposed to be about me, me, me. Obama embodied this contradiction perfectly, always yammering about being a ‘global citizen’ but giving speeches that are all about ‘me’. And his life after presidency is more me, me, me. It’s telling that Hillary grew up on on Rand and later ran on Lazarusism. She said she outgrew Rand, but she never really did. It was all about HER, or me, me, me.

Another powerful archetype featured in HAIL CAESAR is the homo. Anglos are great managers, leaders, warriors. Jews are great visionaries, organizers, and prophets. Homos got the creativity and the beatific vision. As they say ‘art is forever’. And people want fun here and now. From the Greeks to the Renaissance to British literature to French design to etc, homos cannot be left out of the equation. To be sure, they were under the radar since both Jews and Christians(and just about all cultures, even the Greeks for the most part) found homos to be either weird or sinful. But they were always there in hiding or behind masks. And when a civilization grows powerful, it has all these riches, and the rich want to have nice pretty things. And then, homos enter the scene and become indispensable. It is amazing that so many holy Church paintings were done by homos whose creativity was fueled by freako lusts. But homos became even more crucial in the 20th century. Prior to mass culture, only the elites could enjoy fine things. But with mass culture and esp rise of electronic media, pretty-fun-cool-hip-and-fashionable things could be beamed to billions of people willing to pay for the fun. So, homos got immensely powerful.

Homos got creativity. But even during most of 20th century, they had to keep their orientation in the closet, like the homo in HAIL CAESAR keeps his ‘sexual’ predilections secret. Jews didn’t have to be in the closet, but many Jews did try to hide or at least dilute their Jewishness for being too ‘ethnic’ or ‘outsider’. So, Jews and homos understood one another. Also, Jewish money and homo creativity fit together like hand in a velvet glove. In the period setting of HAIL CAESAR, it’s still not okay to be homo in public. And Zionism wasn’t a big thing, even among Jews, many of whom were still skeptical of the idea. So, both groups were trying to ‘pass’ as Good Americans or Good Comrades. And it’s interesting how the homo musical dancer becomes the conduit between the Jewish communist subversives in the US and the Soviet Union. He really wants to dance and prance like a homo, but homo identity, like Zionism, isn’t really a thing yet. So, he latches onto something else. Mayday than Gayday.
So, homos must ‘pass’ as something other or serve something bigger than themselves. Of course, things changed over the yrs. With rising power of Israel and triumph of Six Day War, Zionism and Israel became central to Jewish identity and pride. And with normalization of homosexuality, homos lost interest in other ideologies and came to indulge in self-celebration and then demanded celebration by others and then all the world. And this came with the blessing of Jews who finally decided it’s time Christianity must be replaced by a new faith, one totally owned by Jews. But if homomania is a new prophecy, propheticism has finally turned into a farce.

In some ways, an even more interesting exploration of Jewish Neurosis is MOTHER by Darren Aronofsky whose swing finally knocked the skin off the ball. A home run. Aronofsky was always ambitious, but his films were uneven. WRESTLER has a great ending but much of the movie is conventional about over-the-hill fighter. BLACK SWAN reaches for meaning but is a total strike. NOAH is an interesting twist on the Bible Story but a mess. REQUIEM FOR A DREAM is probably his most consistent and successful film before MOTHER. MOTHER is like the mother of all Jewish Neurosis movies. It is a case of shiiite. His first film had some Jewish guy seeking the truth in Pi and getting nutty. With MOTHER, Aronofsky plunges deep into the heart of the matter, and it is a total tour-de-force. A real jaw-dropper. CHILDREN OF MEN is kidstuff by comparison.

Now, Aronofsky surely didn’t intend this movie as a statement on the immigration issue, but some of the themes apply to the universal problem of invasion and preservation. Much of the movie is like a grim prolonged version of the stateroom scene in NIGHT AT THE OPERA where people keep pouring into the room. That was just one scene and done for laughs. Half of MOTHER is about the invasion, and it is harrowing. And as the ‘guests’ represent diversity of all races, it’s like Europe or US being flooded with the entire world. It’s a frightening vision. Initially, the invasion happens gradually(and recedes), and people act half-way like proper guests, but things progressively get wilder. It’s like reverse Kafka. In THE CASTLE, K can’t find anyway into the center. No matter where he turns, he’s on the outside. In MOTHER, it’s like the Jennifer Lawrence character can’t keep people out. They keep coming and doing things that upset the order, and she can’t do anything about it, as her husband welcomes these ‘guests’ as his fans and admirers. Like Zhivago, he is a poet. Like the writer in THE SHINING, he craves recognition.

Aronofsky seems to be exploring the two modes of Jewishness in history. The theme of blood and family. The woman wants to have the man’s baby. She wants him for herself. She wants herself, her husband, and their children to own and guard their home. It is theirs and theirs alone. And possession of the home is based on blood: man, wife, and children. It’s the biological basis of Jewishness, and it is what Israel is about. Make Jewish women have more kids. Let only Jews in, and keep out the ‘infiltrators’.
Biology is possessive and limiting. A woman can only have one child at a time with one man. And when she has the child, she has to devote her energies to the kid and her husband, and she wishes the husband to be with her and the kid. All in the family.

But there is another side to Jewishness that is so intellectual, conceptual, and ambitious. If women are about creation of life, men are about creativity of ideas, art, poetry, music, philosophy, and etc. And if a woman wants to share her child only with the family, the man of ideas or art wants to share his work with the whole world. So, one side of Jewishness is motherish, exclusive, and shuts out the world. It tries to keep home for the family only. But the other side of Jewishness is fatherish, and the father-as-man isn’t content with family alone. For one thing, he can only pass the seed. He himself doesn’t become pregnant. So, his fuller work is the product of creativity. And when a man writes a poem or a novel, it’s not just for his wife or kid. It’s for the whole world.

So, the blood side of Jewishness is exclusive and fearful of others. But the credo-creative side of Jewishness is ‘inclusive’ and expansive and wants the adulation of all the world. And this Jewish tension exists at the core of America itself. There are those who want to limit the notion of Americanness by blood. If not entirely, essentially, i.e. America must mostly be a nation of people of European blood. This is the mother-ish side of America. And conservatives are more prone to favor this. They see America as a home that isn’t open to everyone.
But the intellectual class and business class are far more ambitious. America as motherland is boring to them. It’s same old same old of bland white breadness. They are into Big Ideas, Big Trends, and Big Business, and they want to share their ideas and goods with All the world. So, like the man in MOTHER lets in all these guests, the credo-centric elites and intellectuals of America say LET THEM IN AND ADMIRE WHAT WE GOT AND BECOME PART OF US.

The mother side of Jewishness sought to limit the Covenant to those born of Jewish wombs. It was biological and conservative. But the male side of Jewishness got more and more ambitious in the breadth and reach of their ideas. They got bored with sharing the Truth only with fellow Jews. Heretical Jews like Paul wanted to share the idea with all the world and shouted COME ON IN and partake of the faith in God via the love of Jesus. Core Jews freaked out. They thought, “what the hell are you doing? This God thing is Ours. But you’re giving it it away to the goyim and letting them into the house of God meant only for us, you dummy.” To be a mother, you don’t need or want the whole world. You just want a home as safe space for your, husband,and children. But to a man with big ideas or big things to sell, being limited to one’s own home or one’s small community isn’t enough. Ideas are inherently germ-like and wants to spread all over. Thus, the man wants to both conquer the world or convert the world. He can go to them or they can come to him. It doesn’t matter. As long as his ideas spread, that’s what matters. While his sperm can only move up one pooter, his ideas can spread like dandelion seeds to countless folks and enter millions of ears and eyes and hearts.

The mother side of Jewishness has been important, but there was a problem. As a monotheism, Judaism couldn’t allow two gods. Most pagan religions have father and mother gods. And if we look back far enough, proto-Judaism was also a pagan cult with a father god and mother god. Both mattered. But the mother god had to be erased to make the father god the sole god. And since God is the sole God, Jewish religion says this Father God created the world all on His own without the need of some mother god. If anything, the female is created by God in the Genesis. And yet, the mother force has always been there hidden somewhere in Judaism. Though the Covenant is between God and the Jewish pud, Core Traditional Jewishness is defined by birth via the Jewish womb.

Also, any ethnic religion or organizing principle has to be very mindful of the mother. After all, It is the unity of Jewish puds and Jewish poons that keep creating Jews for the future survival of the Jewish community.
And yet, because Judaism only had a Father God as an abstraction, the mother figure wasn’t sufficiently honored or recognized. Jewish women couldn’t feel fully appreciated as women. At least pagan women had goddess of fertility to pray to. For Jewish women, there was only one God, the male Father God who created the world without the help of a female god. But look back deep enough, and proto-Jews most likely believed as did the pagans: the world was created by union of male god and female god.

In MOTHER, Jennifer Lawrence so longs to be recognized and loved by her husband, but he usually ignores her. He feels more alive with guests than with her. Some might see her as a feminist icon, but no. She doesn’t want to be like her husband, a person of ideas or ambition. She wants to be a mother and be recognized as such. But the guy, like Guido in 8 1/2, finds domestic life too small and limiting. He wants to be with the world. And when he finally does impregnate her and she thinks the house is finally gonna be filled with joy and happiness with husband and child, all hell breaks loose.
If guests in earlier scenes were intrusive but still somewhat recognizably normal, the second round of invasions is total pandemonium. The invasion turns so hyper and the house turns into a microcosm of human history of slavery, war, terror, genocide, and horrors of all sorts. And when she finally has the kid, the husband shares it with the guests who celebrate the kid but mishandle him, break his neck, and then devour him like bread and wine. It’s like Jesus, Son of God, was offered as sacrifice to the world. The husband says the people must be forgiven, but the mother says No.

It’s as if paganism affected Judaism under Roman rule, and the mother goddess concept slipped into a heresy of Judaism in the creation of Christianity. Because Judaism and Christianity are monotheist, they cannot have a second god, the mother goddess. So, the mother of Jesus is not recognized as a goddess. And yet, the idea of God creating a Son via the womb of a woman is so different from the story of Creation where Father God, the lone God, does it all by Himself. But even if the Madonna isn’t acknowledged as a goddess, she is a variation of the mother goddess trope that is prohibited in monotheism. But just when a semi-goddess was recognized as the ‘mother’ of Jesus, the Son had to be offered to the crazy mankind as sacrifice.

So, Jews may be appalled by Christianity for two reasons. On the one hand, there is the blasphemous hubris of a Man who would claim to be the Son of God. So, Jews demanded He be killed. And He was killed. And Jews thought that was that. But then, the heretical Jews, the early Christians, cooked up an even crazier story about how Jesus died for the sins of all those filthy goyim who aren’t worthy to lick the sandals of Jews. Imagine that. Jewish God has a Son, and His plan was to offer this holy Son to save the souls of moron goyim who aren’t worth saving.

And yet, because Judaism is so male-centric and so intellectual, there is this bursting desire to break out of the tribe and reach all the world. Even after Jews killed Jesus, they still kept producing other Jews who went into prophetic mode and tried to reach out to rest of humanity.
And this bug now exists in all people, especially as Judeo-Christo-Western culture has infected all the world. Anglos also wanted to preserve their motherland for Anglos only but also wanted to conquer all the world. Today, UK is torn between Brexit and Bremain. The motherists want a biological and humble role for the British. Keep it white, keep it traditional, keep it in the blood and family. But the Bremainers find little UK so boring and dull. They want to travel overseas and have the world come to Britain. An endless house party than than a home. Globalists want nations as house parties. Nationalists want nations as homes.

I don’t know where Aronofsky got this idea for his movie. In a dream? A nightmare? Or is it generational? In SERIOUS MAN, some Jewish kid gets stoned and experiences Judaism in a dreamlike hallucinogenic way. Coens grew up in the 60s and Aronofsky in the 80s when drug culture was a big thing, so maybe their view of Jewishness is more warped. In contrast, Woody Allen and Mel Brooks could be weird and funny, but they had their wits about themselves. They didn’t grow up with drug culture. Woody Allen’s vision of hell in DECONSTRUCTING HARRY and vision of sexual biology in EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT SEX were on the level of skit, comedy sketch. Dry and cerebral even if zany. It was all about props and laughs. In contrast, Aronofsky and Coens have something Lynchian about them in really delving deep into the nether areas of the mind, soul, body.

Things may be getting weirder with Jewish neurosis because of the disconnection of the Jewish pud and Jewish pooter. Even until the 60s, most Jews married other Jews. And most Jews didn’t act like Portnoy. So, even with secularization, there was at least the unity of Jewish pud and Jewish poon. And from the union, new Jewish kids were created. But then, a sudden shift happened. With Emancipation 2.0, America became a more permissive and libertine place, the big theme of Jewish men became WE LOVE SHIKSES. Portnoy’s Complaint was the bible on that. Woody Allen’s movies were all about him chasing after shikses. Mel Brooks was grabbing all the shikes in HISTORY OF THE WORLD. Jews made DEBBIE DOES DALLAS where some Jew chases shikse women for boning. So, the sexual covenant of Jewish puds and Jewish poons was broken. And Jewish men had the advantage over Jewish women. Many more Jewish men had succeeded in careers and business and had more money to do as they pleased. So, what had been a sexual dialogue between the Jewish pud and Jewish pooter turned into a monologue among Jewish women. Thus, the Vagina Monologue. Even though it was supposed to be about all women, it was really Jewish females projecting their neurosis on all womenfolk.

Also, Jewish women felt they had catching up to do. In Jewish culture, pud-talk was a big thing. Jews probably have more names for penis than any other people. So, the Schwarz was a major force in Jewish expression, humor, ideas, and etc.
Freud talked of phallic symbols, and said women got penis envy. Moses held a phallic staff and divided the ocean like a vagina. So, the penis was king. It could turn even the sea into an obedient pussy.

Now, if at least the Jewish pooters were appreciated by Jewish puds, they would have been nicer. But because so many Jewish puds abandoned Jewish pooters for shikse pooters, the Jewish pooters got angry. This could be the origin of what came to be the Pussy Riot and Pussy March. Jewish neurosis projected on a massive scale on unwitting gentiles. But then, it goes to show that Jewish women have far more prophetic power than shikse women. Pussy Power theory arose among Jewesses and spread to the shikse bimbos.

Perhaps, the rise of homomania is also partly due to the growing rift between Jewish puds and Jewish pooters. If most Jewish puds were in Jewish pooters, both would be happy with real sex and real family. But when they go separate ways, there are too many lost or lonely puds and pooters, and nothing is certain anymore. Sexuality becomes neurotic, and this creates a space for theories of 50 genders.

Another problem with Jewish womanhood is Jewish women are more likely to think like men because Judaism made no room for female goddess, the mother figure. In traditional Catholic tradition, women could pray to the Madonna, an ersatz goddess figure. In many pagan cultures, there were female goddess icons for women to beg favors for. But in Judaism, there was only the male God, the only God. So, the only honorable way was to be a Man of Ideas. Having grown up in such a culture, Jewish women would have felt that only the male mode of success and power is honorable. And we see this in YENTL(called MENTL by some kids in school) where Streisand plays this Jewish woman who seeks recognition as a ‘man’.

Anyway, Coens and Aronofsky got some powerful visions of Jewish neurosis that haunts the world.


Holding up the (Jewish) Disney corporation acquisition of (Gentile) George Lucas’s SW property as an example of the same process as the formation of the (Gentile) Christian heritage on the mouldering bones of the Hebraic (Jewish) tradition reads like a sort of Satanic inversion.
The new STAR WARS or STAR SCHWARZ made things much worse, but Lucas ruined it long long ago. He came up with a great vision but emotionally grew backward and made the Saga about nothing but toys, special effects, and pandering to kids. Despite their faults, STAR WARS and EMPIRE worked as storytelling and set up a great finale. Luke vs Darth. But RETURN OF JEDI was filled with fish-headed generals and jungle teddy bears. Also, Lucas had the tendency to combine naive infantilism with quasi-tendentious sermonizing. So, he said that Ewoks were like the Viet Cong because US, the great industrial power, was defeated by jungle warriors of Vietnam. But this is silly. The battle takes place in a single afternoon in RETURN and just a handful of Ewoks die. In contrast, Vietnam War lasted for 8 yrs(officially and unofficially even longer), and at least 2 million Viets died and many got wounded. Also, the viets were not a hunter-gatherer tribe with stone age weapons but armed and supplied by the OTHER GREAT INDUSTRIAL Power, the Soviets. But Lucas gave us teddy bears in space and then made some bogus pompous political statements, like he is Colonel Kurtz in APOCALYPSE NOW or something. It was funny seeing a man getting sillier and more serious at the same time. And the whole STAR WARS is like that. In some ways, it gets darker and more ‘complicated’. We discover Darth is really pa of Luke, and Luke is tempted to the Dark Side. And the prequels say something about how democracy can turn into tyranny. And yet, at the center of the narrative is just a lot of hokum and kiddie stuff. STAR WARS could have been EXCALIBUR IN SPACE but it just became a big pinball machine.
That STAR WARS got Jewishized into STAR SCHWARZ is interesting given that the core inspiration of the STAR WARS universe is pagan. Even though Lucas drew some ideas from the Bible and Judeo-Christian tradition, it owes more to paganism of Greco-Roman mythology, Germanic mythology, Japanese samurai cult & Kurosawa films, Arthurian legends, the Western, and 20th century Fascist-Nazi aesthetics. It was about the brotherhood of knighthood, the cult of the warrior.
And of course, STAR SCHWARZ continues in that vein. It still owes more to paganist inspirations than anything in the Bible. And yet, why is it Jewishy? Because there are many aspects to Jewishness. There is core Jewishness of religion and heritage. But there is also the Pawnbroker Jewishness, the art of merchantry where Jews take control of pagan/gentile icons & idols and use/exploit them to serve the Jewish agenda. It’s like a Jewish pawnbroker wasn’t a collector of only Jewish stuff. He gained ownership of tons of goy, pagan, gentile stuff. He used them for profits or props to push Jewish interests.
In our world, Jews promote Diversity and Interracism on whites. Diversity weakens white unity and white power. Interracism destroys white male pride, thus whites become cucked. So, even though STAR SCHWARZ is still paganist, those paganist altars have been altered to favor the political and ideological agenda of Jewish Globalist Power. This is also true of homomania. The history of homo cult is paganist. It was biggest among pagan Greeks and decadent Romans. And some pagan tribes were tolerant of homo stuff. Samurai could bugger one another sometimes. In contrast, Jewish history was anti-homo. So, how did Jews, even religious Jews, become such promoters of Homomania? Because this paganism can be used by Jews to weaken gentiles. By promoting Homos as wonderful elites, society normalizes the notion of the minority ruling elite. Also, by weakening the moral core of Christians by making churches adopt homomania, Christians no longer have true moral pride. Any people who worship homo fecal penetration as holy cannot be truly moral. They are degenerates whose moral righteousness depends on hype, hysteria, and propaganda than moral depth or meaning.
Jews tend to be monomaniacal and seek world dominance, and there have been three ways of going about achieving this. (1) Sticking to Jewish tradition and the Covenant. Keeping strict barriers between holy Jews and filthy goyim. This school of thought said if Jews remain clean and serve God, God will take care of things and favor Jews, and Jews will inherit the earth. (2) Creating a new universal idea(as outgrowth of tribal Jewishness) and spreading that idea to destroy all other ideas. Christianity and Communism were such Jewish ideas. The ideal of Christianity that began as Jewish heresy is to convert the whole world to Jesus and to destroy all other ideas. Paganisms of all kinds must be destroyed. Non-believers are heathens and must be converted or condemned. Communism was a secular kind of Christianity. Supposedly, Marx figured everything out, and only communism was the truth, and all other ideas had to be destroyed or exterminated. The whole world must be made communist. One idea for all mankind.
The problem of (1) was that extreme tribalism didn’t do much for Jews in terms of power. NO matter how pure they were remained in blood and no matter how much they remained faithful to God, Jews didn’t inherit the world. As for (2), even though those ideas began as Jewish ideas, gentiles eventually took control of them, and Jews got burned. Christians began to persecute Jews. And communism eventually suppressed Jewish identity. And then, even Jewish communists came to be suspected and marginalized as untrustworthy.
But there was (3) way. By this way, Jews would accept the existence of pagan/gentile ideas. Jews would accept the poly-ideastic way of the world. Unlike (1) Jews, the (3) Jews would extensively engage with the gentile world. But unlike (2) Jews, they would not try to conquer the world with one idea, like Christianity or Communism. Rather, they would allow various ideas/interests to exist BUT have those ideas/interests serve the Higher and Greater ideas/interests of Jews. It’s like the Roman Empire. It allowed non-Romans to keep their cultures and etc. But the Empire also insisted that non-Romans all serve Roman agendas and interests in the end. Instead of universalism where everyone has the same ideas, icons, and idols, it’d be a poly-versal empire where various peoples would stick to their ideas, icons, and idols that, however, would be manipulated to serve the Higher Idea. So, Jews adopted a kind of neo-paganism for their own purposes. In pagan cosmology, there are various gods, but there is also the top god, and the lower gods serve the top god. Jewish manipulation of neo-paganism had non-Jews as lesser gods serving Jews as the top gods. This way, pagans/gentiles could have their own identities and cultures… but they would ultimately bow down to the higher identity and culture of Jews.
And we see this with how STAR WARS became STAR SCHWARZ. It is still very pagan and steeped in the Carl-Jung-Joseph-Campbell thing, but it now favors feminism, jungle fever, Diversity, and etc to occupy what were essentially roles defined by European pagans. But we see the same thing with BBC. British and European histories are retconned to push the Jewish agenda of Afro-Colonization-of-White-Wombs with Jungle Fever for white women and cuckery for white men. Hollywood Jews said the next James Bond will be a Negro.
The great western heroes, Lancelot and Achilles, have been made black in BBC and TV shows. So, even as Jews maintain the pagan idols, they change the cast to push the Jewish agenda of perpetuating white submissivism so that whites will forever lose white pride and identity. A people without pride become mental slaves and serve OTHER peoples.
Communism and Christianity(and Islam) were mono-imperial systems. Ideally, all of humanity should come under the One True Idea, and all men must struggle for the exact same principles and goals. Both have roots in Jewish culture because Jews developed the notion of the One God and One Truth, with all other gods deserving to be either holocausted or denied their validity/existence.
In contrast, there was the poly-imperial systems. It attempted to conquer as many lands and people as possible. But it didn’t believe there was one true idea for all. It was more about power and control than conversion. So, other peoples, the conquered subjects, could believe in their own gods, stick with their own traditions/values, and worship their own idols. However, they had to accept the Imperial Rulers as the top power. They had to pay taxes to the top power. They had to bow down to the military might of the top power. Romans were like this,and the Romans managed well with most pagan folks. But they had the most problem with Jews because, unlike pagans, Jews believed their God was the only true God. So, Romans had the stronger military and greater material power, but Jews had the stronger idea, greater spiritual might, and farther-reaching prophetic vision. Romans could win with arms, but Jews could win with vision. But to win, Jews had to develop an idea that could win over the hearts of gentiles/pagans. And that was Christianity. In a way, the spread of Christianity was a great triumph of the Jewish idea over gentiles. But because most Jews didn’t take to the new faith and stuck with their own original concept, the Jewish Heresy turned on them. So, Christianity was both the biggest triumph and tragedy for Jews. Communism would turn out similarly. Jews won big and lost big with it.
So, what is the best way for Jews to win? Self-enclosed tribalism won’t get anywhere. Jews must engage with the whole world that is goyim. Should Jews come up with a universal idea for all mankind? But then, gentiles will eventually come to own the idea and use it for their own interests, and this might hurt Jews.
Given those odds, the best way is for Jews to make peace with gentile ideas, icons, and interests but find some way to make them serve Jewish identity, ideas, and interests as the highest and greatest there is. It’s like how Jews work with Evangelicals. Jews are okay with the born-again folks worshiping Jesus and etc, BUT much of Evangelicalism is now ‘muh Israel, muh Israel, muh Israel’. Jews work well with Mormons, but Mormons are all about ‘muh Israel, muh Israel, muh Israel’. So, Jews are okay with Mormons being Mormons BUT Mormons better still put Jewish interests above Mormon interests. It’s like Romans were okay with Syrians and Britons, but those conquered folks still had to obey Roman power before their own. Even as Romans didn’t erase other people’s cultures and idols, those had to be made subservient to Roman culture and idols as the highest there are.
And modern Jews adopted this, esp from Anglos, the modern folks who come closest to being like the Romans of old. So, the US is now about diversity and how different folks can have their own cultures, identities, and narratives… BUT they better put ‘muh Israel’ before anything. Jews don’t have to attend meetings for Russian, Iranian, Chinese, Mexican, African, etc interests BUT all gentile politicians have to attend AIPAC to praise ‘muh Israel’. Look at that whore Nikki Haley, the semi-person-of-dot.
The COEN movie HAIL CAESAR offers a useful glimpse into this Jewish agenda. Like some other Coen movies, it is pretty mocking of Christianity as a religion that controls the goyim. Even though goyim have used Christianity to oppress Jews, it also tames goyim and turns them into saps who can be manipulated by Jews.
Some people think Coens are respectful of Christianity. They are not. What they are interested in is the psycho-politics of Christianity, and in this, they share something with Steven Spielberg who has adopted Catholicist and Evangelical tropes to push his vision of Pop Jewishism on the world.
In a scene in HAIL CAESAR we see a Rabbi who is offended by what Christian clergy has to say. Even though Jews have been anti-Christian, there’s a kind of paradox. Jews have been so anti-Christian because they are so Christoid, conviction that Jewish individuals could become like Christ. The main problem that Jews have with Christianity is it deified the prophet and messiah into Son of God or even God. The Jewish idea of the Messiah was a great prophet, warrior, messenger. Jews never conceived of messiah as God or even Son of God. Jewish concept of the messiah is empowering because the messiah is a prophet, and a man can be a prophet. So, by the Jewish concept of the messiah, any Jewish man can, at least theoretically, be a messiah since he could be the great prophet. In contrast, Christianity says the messiah is not a prophet but the Son of God or God Himself. And that means there is no more Future. The Truth has been revealed through Jesus the Son of God, and humanity has no more need for prophets. After Jesus, there can only be saints. Saints are different from prophets. Saints don’t have the great vision. They just have the pure faith in God and Jesus. Their duty is to be angelic and devoted. They are not seers of the Future since the Truth has already been revealed. Thus, Christianity destroyed the prophetic tradition. It allowed for many saints but no prophets. In contrast, Jews never gave up on the notion of the prophet. Since the messiah has yet to come and since a man can be a prophet and since a prophet can be the messiah, any Jewish man can, at least theoretically, be the prophet-messiah.
In some ways, Christianity is more hubristic than Judaism, but in some ways, it is more humble. It is more hubristic in the notion that a Man who walks on Earth can be the Son of God, even God. To Jews, this was pure blasphemy, an affront to God.
And yet, precisely because Jesus wasn’t just a great prophet but Son of God or God as the Messiah, no other man can ever come anywhere near Him or be like Him. He is the ONLY Man who could be the Messiah since Christianity says Messiah = Son of God = God.
In contrast, Judaism can be said to be more humble because it says no man can be the Son of God or God. God is too great and doesn’t manifest Himself in human form. And yet, because the Jewish concept of the Messiah is a prophet, any Jew could conceivably be him. Granted, the Messiah could be like an angel sent from Heaven. Even so, he is still not Son of God or God. He is still closer to man if not a man. Since Jews defined the Messiah in this manner, each Jew is instilled with propheticism which is far more ambitious and egoistic than sainthood, which is about devotion and faith. A prophet is humble before God but confident of his vision as the messenger of God. In contrast, a saint is not about the power of mind and vision but goodness of the heart and faith. It’s a bit sappy.
In the conference with rabbi and Christian clergy in HAIL CAESAR, the rabbi says God cannot be shown in Jewish culture. And in the movie, we are not shown the face of Jesus in the movie-within-the-movie. But we see a lot of the Roman soldier. And we see the shabbos goy gentile studio boss, but we are never shown his Jewish boss Schenk who is like a godly presence. Both the Roman soldier(George Clooney) and the goy studio boss have two modes of behavior: soldier and saint. As soldier, he is rough and aggressive. But when faced with the greater prophetic power of Jesus, he goes into saint mode with sappy face. And the goy studio boss is the same way. He can be tough and push actors around. He whips the crew to get the job done. He is warrior-like in that mode. But he is deeply respectful to his boss Schenk who is like a divine prophet to him.(Schenk is like the Jewish prophet of capitalism; Marcuse is like Jewish prophet of communism; Hollywood is divided between two modes.) Schenk apparently has the vision whereas his shabbos goy underling can manage things but lacks the big vision. After all, Jews invented Hollywood, the empire of dreams where gentile-pagan idols and icons came to be reshaped to serve the Jewish Empire.
HAIL CAESAR is a rather confused movie because its allusions are often double-or-triple-in-meaning. There is Scarlett Johansson as Rhinemaiden of Wagner’s mythology. But she is swallowed up by what? Whale that swallowed Jonah? This Jewish whale also swallows the gold and then its blowhole ejaculates like Harvey Weinstein’s pud. But later, this woman is like a perverse allusion to the Madonna. She is pregnant with a child from a uncertain father and she ends up marrying a guy named Joe, like Mary was married to Joseph. So,a character is alluded to both Germanic mythology and the Biblical story. Weird. And later a Soviet submarine emerges like the whale. I guess Sovietism is like the other Jewish creation. Whale of communism vs Whale of capitalism, both trying to devour the wealth of the world as a good or an evil. But the guy loses the money in the water cuz of the dog(like the dog that messed up the heist in THE KILLING by Kubrick). It’s a very confused movie, but also a very inspired and interesting one. I can understand why it flopped at the box office. Though a comedy, there’s a lot more going on there which is esoteric.
Anyway, the movie is onto something. We tend to see history in terms of Jews vs Christianity but it’s more like Future Christoidism vs Been-there-done-there-Christianism.
Christianity says the Christ was among us, and He was Son of God, thus God, and we all need to be saints with sappy faces like when George Clooney looks at Jesus who offers him water.
In contrast, Jews believe the Future is filled with new christoids with prophetic vision. Jews accept Jesus as prophet but not messiah. So, Christ was only a prophet, and that means there can be future christs or christoids… like Marx, Rand, Marcuse, etc. And the 20th century has been filled with Jewish prophets and would-be prophets. And this has been a source of great power for Jews. In the end, the stronger idea gains dominance over weaker ones. And the fact is the prophet is more powerful than the saint. Saint is a pawn on the chess board whereas the prophet is the rook or queen. Saint blindly and sappily serves and obeys the king. The queen and rook serve the king too but have their own agency and greater reach in movement.
Because Jews are still in prophetic mode whereas Christians are in saint mode, the globalist empire has the weaker saintly ideas of gentiles serving the stronger prophetic ideas of Jews.


The reason anti-Catholicism is “dead as doornail” is first off, the over decline in religious adherence/observance. But even more importantly that white Catholics seem to be integrated into the American mainstream…
There is that side of Catholicism. But also the save-the-world side. Plenty of Catholic leaders in the US want More Immigrants. They want to share the Milk of American Plenty with the rest of the world. America as teats to the world. Mooooooo.
In contrast, establishment Jews, in the establishment media are openly and routinely expressing contempt for white gentiles and cheering on–working for–their displacement and the destruction of their nation, even while living very comfortably precisely because they are doing their elite parasite thing on top of a big rich white gentile nation.
To destroy or to defeat white people/power? Big difference. Perhaps, the main agenda is not destruction but defeat. It’s like the American intention in WWII was not to utterly destroy Germany and Japan. Rather, it was to defeat them and tame them. And then have them serve the US empire.
Some peoples seek the utter destruction of foes. Nazi Germany sought to totally destroy Russia and wipe it off the map. It was meant to be a Carthaginian Peace. In contrast, not all of politics is on that radical level. When Sparta defeated Athens, it was for hegemony, not metrocide of Athens as people and culture.
Surely, Jews know that white people are indispensable to Jewish success and power. But they want it defeated and tamed. Only that way will whites obey and serve Jews… like Germany and Japan came to obey and serve the US. It’s like a cowboy doesn’t want to kill the horse. Then, he’d have nothing to ride. But if he wants to ride the horse, the horse has to be ‘broken’ and tamed and made to obey.
And this is why Jews seem to be pushing for more Diversity and promoting ‘white guilt’. It’s to tame the white horse. It’s a domestication process. It’s like a wild bull is a fearsome beast. It will gore you if you mess with it. It doesn’t serve anything but itself. So, if you want a gentle cow that you can squeeze milk from indefinitely, the ‘bull’ has to be domesticated into a ‘cow’. So, whites need to be cucked.
From the POV of Jewish Power, this is smart thinking. If Jews just want to assimilate and go along, there is no need for this. But if Jews want the ultimate power and control, then they must keep White Power tamed and saddled. Or white power needs a cow-nose-ring.
Now, Jews could tame and control Palestinian power in Israel with sheer superiority of numbers.
But in gentile nations, Jews just don’t have their own numbers. So, they have to play the Diversity Lottery to get the numbers. With enough Diversity, the electoral power of whites will break. Even if many whites vote one way, Diversity votes + white cuck votes will overwhelm white power… like in California and New York. Even Virginia now. And once Diversity totally defeats white power and when whites accept their defeat, they will have no choice but to serve the Jews to have the good life as individuals.
In a way, what Jews are doing is a ‘playboy or operator move’. It’s not clean. But every decision/direction begins from a premise. If the premise were assimilation, Jews would just try to fit into whiteness. But if the premise is domination(based on sense of higher intelligence and/or historical resentment and revanchism), then what Jews are doing makes good sense.
People generally feel contempt for those deemed inferior. When Anglos went to Hawaii, did they try to assimilate to the indigenous culture there? No, Anglos felt superior and sought to defeat the natives so that natives would serve the Anglo vision.
And actual patriotic Jews–like Stephen Miller–who are committed to and interested in preserving the American nation, are publicly accused of basically being race traitors to the tribe.
Patriotic in a way. Or, it’s just another variation of Jewish Tribalism. It could be that Miller looks into the future and sees Diversity doing more harm than good to Jews. Perhaps he believes that White America is already tamed enough for Jews to have it good. So, why push it even further and (1) fill the nation with non-whites who have less good feelies toward Jews and (2) risk driving white politics into far-right radicalism? Under such circumstances, democracy may even break down, and without Rule of Law, Jewish power becomes mostly useless. After all, it was Rule of Law(greater in US than in most nations) that allowed Jews to rise so high and so fast. Having grown up in California, Miller may believe he’s seen the future, and it’s not good. He may also be suspecting that Jews got high on their own supply. This Diversity thing was supposed to be pushed ONLY TO THE POINT of weakening white power. But it appears some Jews have forgotten it’s a strategy and are upholding it as some kind of religion. If that becomes the case, it will be impossible for Jews to stop mass immigration and Diversity when it becomes more of a liability than an advantage to Jews. This has happened already in some parts of Europe. It’s one thing play with the Diversity fire. Another thing to set the whole forest on fire. Darren Aronofsky, being a Hollywood person, is probably a political Liberal, but his movie MOTHER suggests a part of him is shi**ing bricks too about the future. Sorcerer’s Apprentice stuff.
And don’t give me “it’s those leftists”. Folks like David Brooks are not “leftist” in any normal sense. Brooks is a namby pamby middle of the roader, who styles himself as a “conservative”.
Yeah, he’s the Neil Diamond of punditry. His columns are a variation of “Coming to America”.
Anyway, what does all this mean for the future? What happens to The Template? Will whites continue to work with Jews? Or will the Narrative run so out of control that things will just fall apart? With blacks, Jews can make money off sports and music, but that’s about it. With Mexicans, Jews can get cheap nannies and fruit pickers. With Asians, they can get some decent managers and engineers but no one with leadership qualities. They’ll be stuck with minions. With Hindus, Jews wil have their hands full. People who believe in elephant-headed eight-armed deities got some tricks up their sleeves.
Now, more Diversity could break the white spirit, and whites could just serve as good horsey to Jewish power. Or, once broken, the whites could go into Samson mode and do whatever to bring down the whole system. The archaeofuturism of some on the right. Hasten the collapse. WGTOW or whites going their own way.
Anglos defeated Hindus and used them as cattle for a good spell, but at some point, Hindus decided on disobedience to bring down the whole edifice. What if the meme spreads among whites that “Jews broke us”, and instead of just serving Jews, they decide to subvert the system in so many ways. And why not? With Diversity and affirmative action, too many whites will lose out anyway.
One guy who wants to mess up the system from within:
And if The Template goes, what happens next? The Jewish Century needed the White Apollonians. Mercurians may be faster and sharper, but the heavy lifting had to be done by Apollonians. And by heavy lifting, I don’t mean simple stuff like picking fruits. I mean running the elaborate system. Only whites could do this on a scale to make Jewish power/domination possible. In socialist history, Marx provide the vision but gentiles had to run much of the system. In science, Einstein and Oppenheimer were the great prophets of the New Energy, but the military-industrial complex had to be run by a vast white managerial class, of whom Anglos and Germanics were the best. It’s like the movie FAT MAN AND LITTLE BOY where Jews supply the vision but gentiles maintain the support system. And when the bomb goes off, Oppenheimer can express his wonder/terror only through mythology(Hindu).
It’s understandable why Allan Bloom had a special allergy to Germanic philosophy. They threatened The Template that went back to ancient times. Bloom loved the Greeks and the Hebrews because Hellenism and Hebraism developed a symbiotic relationship. Though opposites in many ways, one offered what was missing in the other. It was like the story of short-armed creature and long-armed creature working together to eat the fruit. Greeks gave the world logic and beauty, Jews gave the world depth and vision. So, for the Modern West to develop, gentiles couldn’t do without Jews. Gentile logic had to serve the greater Jewish vision. Gentile goods had to be traded via Jewish middlemen. Even though there were lots of tensions, gentiles kept inviting Jews back because Jews had special talents. Also, even without any Jews around, gentile souls were molded largely by Jewish ideas of Christianity, a religion made by heretical Jews. So, without Jews or Jewishness, gentiles could never feel complete.
In contrast, the development of neo-pagan German philosophy and art threatened to overturn this Template and filled Germans with the idea that they can self-generate their own prophecy without the Jewish element. Even though 60s radicalism was far-removed from Germanism(and heavily influenced by Jewish elements), Bloom may have sensed something quasi-Germanic in the Romantic hubris that threw caution and tradition to the winds and embarked on a New Vision based on the Daemonic natural energies. To Bloom, Rock music was like new Wagnerianism, an Afro-Anglo paganism that didn’t mind blowing up entire systems, traditions, and meaning just for the rapturous inspiration of the moment-as-eternity, like with Soul Sacrifice by Santana at Woodstock. If the Nazis cut off classical Greek-Roman culture from its symbiotic relation with Hebraism and connected it to Germanic paganism(thus making it all-in-the-Aryan-family with no need for Jews), Bloom saw Rock culture as the severing of Anglo culture from Jewish culture and attaching both to Afro-savage culture. Bloom liked the subtlety and sophistication of Jazz but loathed the out-of-control barbarism of Rock, an attitude also shared by Woody Allen.
The Template had combined the gentile mind and body with Jewish mind and soul. And in Christianity, there was the centrality of the heart.
But the new visions coming out of Germany seemed obsessed with the singularity of dark drive, will, or force above all else. And this was also true of German-influenced Jewish thinkers. Marx claimed to be for justice, but his entire focus was on the hands. It was all about labor. Economic materialism was everything. With Nietzsche and Hitler, it was the stomach. The hunger for power, the will to power. With Freud, it was the power of the pud. Mind, soul, and balance of the body were rendered secondary by the new visions that focused so absolutely on a single theory of power and history. Also, such dark theories of history, so often Germanic in origin, said the mind and soul were mere illusions, mere surface waves of deeper currents of power. At the deeper root is the will of the hands, the stomach, the pud. And feminism too has gone from an ideology of the heart to the ideology of the poon. Naomi Wolf even wrote an entire book on the vagina. If de Beauvoir were alive today, her book might have been called the Second Genital.
So, what happens to The Template when the new theory of power focuses less on the conscious free-will of the mind, soul, and balance of the body(as depicted in Greek sculptures where all the parts of the body are in graceful harmony) and focuses more on the dark will of animal drives, unfettered id, and super-sensory organs: the mouth, eyes/ears, and genitals. Only a few organs have ‘orgasmic’ ability. Only the mouth can enjoy the mmmmmm of ice cream. Only eyes can see beauty. Only ears can hear music. Only genitals can feel orgasm. Because they are such pleasure centers, there is a natural tendency for people to indulge those organs… gluttony, lust, vanity, and escapism. This is why the philosophies and religions have tried to remind people to use the morally cultivated mind to control the body. Don’t just indulge in food, sex, vanity, and good times(via music). Serve the whole body,and make the whole body work in unity, and limit the super-sensory organs to their place and time. Keep them in the cage.
But as the New Philosophies and Visions, based on rise of (1)natural science that studied mankind as animal-organisms, (2)romanticism that favored emotions and urges over logic & control, and (3) consumerism that tempted super-sensory organs with more food, more music, more idols, more sexual pleasure, and etc., the traditional balance of mind and soul was undermined. And the ensuing chaos, on a global scale, even began to threaten The Template that had arrived at some kind of balance between Hellenism and Hebraism, perhaps the high point in art being the Renaissance when ‘rediscovered’ Hellenic modes were used to represent the stories and meanings of the Bible.
It’s like the covenant between men and women have also broken down. It used to be men and women understood each other’s strengths and weaknesses and arrived as symbiotic cooperation via the family. So, it wasn’t just about me-as-man or me-as-woman. It was about how men and women can work to arrive at some kind of balance, compromise, and give-and-take. But a demented form of neo-Freudianism turned it all into ‘muh dic*’ and ‘muh pooter’. So, a man’s main priority is no longer to find that nice woman, but to pleasure his pud with as many pooters as he can find. He is controlled by the pud than controls the pud. And the woman is the same. She doesn’t guard her pooter to give to the right guy but lets it run wild in search for more fun.
Now, Freud and Hitler both understood the dangers of chaos. Freud spoke of ego and super-ego too. He was well-aware of the troublesome nature of sexual energies. And Hitler knew that nothing could be done if people were into back-to-nature neo-barbarism, dancing around campfires and eating raw meat. He was all for discipline and order. BUT, because their visions were so fundamentally rooted in the sexual drive or will to power, other considerations came to serve that primal obsession that could, at its essence, only be savage or barbaric. So, despite Freud’s anxieties and warnings, his philosophy turned into ‘boing’. And despite Hitler’s attempt at order and stability, his will to power drove Germany to invade and destroy because the will to power, in its primal state, cannot be satisfied with ‘enough’.
This is why the authorities completely miss the boat when they catch the communists in HAIL CAESAR. They just got the small fish. Also, those communist writers are not even prophetic types. They are really just closet-capitalists who are miffed because they didn’t see enough of the profit. They are less about the workers than their own pocketbooks. Also, they adhere to an ideology that has already become ossified. Soviet Union was powerful after WWII but had no new ideas.
The real whale is Marcuse who was working on Something New, something the anti-communist authorities had NO IDEA about in the 50s. While the anti-communists were looking for Soviet spies, the real prophecy was about blend of Marx and Freud in the fertile mind of Marcuse and other new prophets. And this blew up in the 60s with counterculture. And it even affected suburban Jewish communities like in SERIOUS MAN where kids in Jewish school are into Rock and Drugs. Authorities failed to see this danger in the period of HAIL CAESAR because they are bureaucrats, managers, company men. There’s something happening but you don’t know what it is, do you, Mr. Jones? In contrast, a prophet like Marcuse envisioned what could/should be, and his ideas played a key role in the massive boomer rebellion in the 60s.
But then, what does this do for The Template in the long run? There was something Newtonian about how Hellenism and Hebraism worked together. But what is truth and meaning in a world that seems run by Chaos Theory? What goes with what, what connects with what, what works with what?
One thing for sure, history is going to heat up big time in the 21st century. Fukuyama couldn’t have got it more wrong. Something BIG is on the horizon all along the watchtower. And before something good comes along, it’s gonna be hell like never before. Woe unto the morons who smashed The Template.


History accelerating in Brazil. Or maybe dystory as dystopian history.

Aronofsky’s MOTHER is essential viewing. It has the most powerful sturmm-und-drang accelerationist vision of history. The mounting madness when the wheels come off, a momentum that can’t be stopped. A nightmare of nightmares. World War Z is kidstuff by comparison.
Western history is turning into like a dark version of the train that couldn’t but could or something.
Every kid has seen this cartoon. A train struggles up an hill and it’s not sure if it can make it. It struggles so very hard. That is the like the building of America.
And then, there’s the triumph and the train moves down easy. And it’s supposed to be a happy story.
But what about the brakes? Once a train starts accelerating and catching too much speed, the brakes can give out and then, there is no stopping it.
American reached the peak in the 60s in wealth and good times. And whites threw caution to the winds in too much celebration. The train made it to the top of the mountain and it was easy coasting from there on… except no one knew how to stop the train as it kept speeding downward..
Until the 60s, US history was one of a people who were struggling to rise about rest of humanity. Since the 60s, it is about being pulled down by the gravitational force of all of humanity who want what’s on the train. This diving into humanity may seem easy and exciting, but it will derail, crash, and burn.

HAIL CAESAR(by the Coen Brothers) and MOTHER(by Darren Aronofsky) itter-exchange/#comment-218947 4 The world spins around the axis of Jewish neurosis. And it’s not just ...